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Welcome to Teta Vannrensing AS – specialists in sustainable water treatment!

Teta Vannrensing AS solves water quality problems in a safe and efficient manner. We focus on more sustainable water purification. In addition to distributing our products and services, we also supply different projects related to research and development, both nationally and internationally.


Water treatment

We can offer water treatment with biodegreadable and non toxic products. Our main product KitoFlokk ™ is an innovative yet proven alternative to traditional coagulants, like iron and aluminum. By choosing KitoFlokk™ as a coagulant in the water treatment process, you can achieve benefits in terms of both economy and environment. It is a robust coagulant which contributes to a stable operation with good water quality.

Our Premium standard Kitoflokk™ Chitosan is our technical grade Chitosan for a wide range of industrial applications, where top purity and refined properties are not needed. Traditional application is water- and wastewater treatment, but it is shown that KitoFlokk™ is a good allrounder.

Within water treatment KitoFlokk™ works as a precipitant, generally causing more stability and control in water treatment plants. Using KitoFlokk™ instead of traditional precipitants will remove all metallic compounds from the drinking water, reduce mud production by 50 %, reduce CO2 emissions and energy, and water consumption. The mud is now a biological product and can be used as soil fertilizer in agriculture. KitoFlokk™ is used in the same way as other precipitant, but in a more environmentally friendly way.

We also provide our zirconium based coagulant Aquator. Used together with KitoFlokk™ you will achieve a strong application for water treatment, and achieving the benefits from the use of KitoFlokk™.

Water treatment in a Nordic environment requires climate-proof solutions, and our coagulants have been able to demonstrate they are effective, resource-saving, robust and, economically advantageous solutions – that promote both sustainability and innovation.

Our products are also presented at The Explorer, the Official marketplace for green tech from Norway, hosted by Innovation Norway.





We have the knowledge and expertise that can help your business become more sustainable. Achieving Green Growth is about reducing footprints while creating economic benefits. The water industry has great potential in this shift. We see the whole value chain of our clients and can help create green competitiveness and sustainability in practice. All our products are tools for your business to come closer to achieve your goals towards a more sustainable future.


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